Announcing the All-New Monthly Cabinet Furniture Specials

world mall monthly special banner

World Mall Ventures is proud to present our latest series of promotional packages to make our cabinet furniture products even more affordable.

Our aim here is to bring beautiful cabinets from around the world directly to the homes of Singaporeans. That’s why our team is constantly brokering amazing deals with manufacturers, carpenters, distributors and many more to bring in a wide repertoire of industry grade and professional designs.

And while our in-house newsletter series sports an almost unbelievable discount coupon to thank our customers for putting their trust with us, we want to take this relationship one step further.

We want to reward our web visitors, people like yourself, for coming to our site and browsing through our online shop, as we continue to add more product range onto our shelves and transform worldmallcabinets.com.sg into the number one online cabinets store in Singapore.

That’s why we’re starting a new segment on this website where every month, we’ll introduce a couple of our selected models for the month. We’ll dive deeper into the product, the key features, and why we love it.

But most importantly, a limited number of these selected models will be on sale at a ridiculously low amount. (We believe our competitors will riot if they ever get wind of our promotional rates.)

Purchasing these cabinets will also be made very simple as we will release the coupon directly on the individual product’s promotion page with a countdown timer so you know exactly when each promotion ends.

We believe this will help you plan when the best time to complete your purchase and take advantage of our unbelievable price point is.

So, stay tuned to our site for more updates and to grab your favourite cabinet models at a steal!

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