Bookshelf Singapore

The bookshelf is perhaps one of the most popular types of cabinet furniture easily be found in households around Singapore. After all, it is a versatile storage furniture that is not only a good shelving option to store your books; it serve as a good place to display your accessories and collections as well.

Sturdy Bookcase & Modern Bookshelves Options

Book lovers and collectors will be pleased to know we scour around the world to bring in the best bookshelves options for displaying your series and collections. 

The Book Lover Bookshelf Buying Guide

With so many options available in the market, it is normal to feel confused as to which types of bookcases best suit your needs. Before you rush into buying any old bookcase, here are a few things to consider:

Bookcase Size

When it comes to online cabinets and shopping for any type of bookshelf, the first thing you have to do is to identify the size of the bookcase you are looking for. Having this in mind while browsing through the different catalogs can help you filter the options available and help you identify a suitable shortlist more easily.

There are two things you should take into consideration while deciding the bookshelves size you should be getting: the space required to shelve your books as well as the space available at home.

If you have a massive book collection to store, you will obviously need a bigger bookcase. Besides that, it is also important for you to do some measurement so you know how much space you have at home to allocate for the bookcase.

Bookcase Material

Although a bookcase serves the role of storing books, the material of the bookcase will affect how long it will last and how study the bookshelf is. If you are looking for a durable bookcase that can last for a long period of time, bookshelves made of hardwood is generally seen as a good investment.

With a solid, long-lasting frame, a wooden bookcase can withstand more weight and is a popular choice for most households. 

Types Of Bookshelves

As with any type of cabinet, it is also critical to be familiar with the various types of options available. We've also included some of the more common types of bookshelves for you to consider.

Standard Bookcases

This is one of the most common types as they are basic freestanding bookcase with evenly spread out shelves. A versatile furniture that can add style and functionality to your house, it comes in various heights and widths. Besides the more traditional design (with just open shelves to showcase your books and collections), you can now find options with doors that will allow you to store other loose items as well.

Cube Bookcases

Separated into cubby-like sections, a cube bookcase is a good storage solution that can store your book and other collections.  Each cube can be used to store different items, making it a good choice for households who prefer to store their different collections separately.

Etagere/Decorative Bookcases

Etagere or a decorative bookcase is a good choice if you are looking for a display cupboard that can store both your books as well as other collections. Frequently a décor piece on its own, it is especially suitable for young families looking for a modern cabinet option that can solve their shelving needs as well as act as a style statement for their house.

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