Glass Display Cabinet Singapore

Glass display cabinets are usually tall and narrow cabinets that come with a glass door so your items are protected while allowing them to remain in full view. With the visibility provided by the glass door, it is great for showcasing your prized collections and other treasures while keeping them safe and almost completely dust-free.

An Extensive List of Decorative Glass Display Cases

Our online cabinet shop is continuously including more glass display cabinet options giving you a combination of cupboards, drawers and shelving. These cabinets look great whether in the living room or the kitchen.

A Buyer's Guide To Glass Display Cabinets

As there are countless glass display models around the world to choose from, not every design will fit your home. Here are some tips to help you decide which cabinets will suit your need and interior decor.

Purpose Of The Glass Display Cabinet And Items To Display

Knowing why you are getting the glass display cupboard is important because depending on your needs; there are different combinations you can choose from.

If you are looking to showcase your collections and prized items in the living room, you should look for a cabinet with less drawers or closed doors so you maximize the exposure to your collections. A cabinet with more drawers, on the other hand, will be more suitable if you are planning to have it in your kitchen as it will provide you with more appropriate storage space for loose kitchen items such as your cutlery, dishes and silverware.

Size Of The Glass Display Cabinet

It is important for you to know the size of the glass display cupboard that you need before you make the purchase. Do some planning beforehand to estimate how many items you have and make sure you already have an allocated space for you to place the cabinet at home.

Take down the exact measurement (including the maximum width, height and length) of the space and keep it close to you while examining your options to avoid ending up with a cupboard of the wrong size.

How To Bring The Best Out Of Your Cupboards

Compared to other types of display cabinet furniture, such as bookcases, a glass display cupboard is more than just another piece of furniture or storage solution. It is often times, a fashion statement as it forms a part of the décor around the house.

So, to maximise the visual effect these cabinets provide, here are a few common tips to bring the best out of your glass display cabinet:

  • Avoid putting different collection items in the same shelf as it appears messy and unorganized. Instead, arrange your collection items such that each of them (such as your chinaware, glasses, toys) will have their own individual shelf
  • Choose to arrange your collections and items by colour. For example, it will look very striking to have a line of blue cups and red plates in the cabinet
  • If you have unused space in your glass display cabinet, you can try to fill it with books or magazines of relevant content (eg recipe books or cooking magazines if the cabinet is placed in your kitchen or fiction and nonfiction books if it is placed in your living room)

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