Kitchen Cabinet Singapore

Kitchen cabinet forms the backbone of your kitchen and is one of the most important aspects for any kitchen renovation project. Not only can a new kitchen cabinet change the style and look of your kitchen, it also reorganize your kitchens and improve its storage capacity. That's why we're constantly sourcing for the latest cabinetry designs and additions to spruce up your kitchen.

Different Kitchen Cabinet Options To Choose From

A Buying Guide To Kitchen Cabinets

Before you decide on what kind of kitchen cabinet to get, here are some things that are worth considering:

The Different Types Of Kitchen Cabinet

It is worth nothing that kitchen cabinet usually comes in three types: stock cabinet, semi-custom cabinet and custom cabinet. Each of them comes with their pros & cons but here are what you should know:

Stock Cabinet

Stock cabinets are ready made cabinets that are mass-produced. Usually stocked in store, they are the fastest and most wallet-friendly option available in the market.

Semi-Custom Cabinet

Similar to stock cabinet but with the option to partially customize the size and type of wood you want, a semi-custom offers you the opportunity to get some advantages of custom cabinet without having to break the bank.

Custom Cabinet

The option that will give you the most freedom, you can have a custom kitchen cabinet  built by specifying the dimensions, styles and materials you would like your kitchen cabinet to be in. More expensive and time consuming as compared to the other two options, the building and installation of custom cabinet will take a longer time to complete.

Kitchen Cupboard Material

While kitchen cabinet can usually be found in many different materials (such as plywood or particleboard), we would strongly recommend you to choose one that is made of hardwood. Often a sign of quality, hardwood is considered by furniture expects as the most durable material. Though it is going to be pricier, it is a good investment if you are looking for a durable kitchen cabinet that can last for a long period of time.

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