Shoe Cabinet Singapore

Perhaps one of the most important storage solution for any home, the shoe cabinet is often a life saver for most families in Singapore. It's the same whether you're living in a HDB, a condominium or even in a landed property. The fact is, we all need to store our shoes and other footwear. So, why not get a beautiful storage cabinet solution while we're at it?

A Wide Choice of Storage Shoe Racks

The beauty of a versatile shoe rack is it helps you prevent dust buildup while eliminating clutter. And most importantly, making it easier for you to store and locate your shoes within a few seconds. That's what we aim to achieve as we bring in the latest shoe cabinet designs from our manufacturers.

Shopping For The Right Shoe Cabinet For Your House

With so many different types of shoe cabinets to choose from, it can get overwhelming for homeowners. To help you identify the best cabinet for your home, we've included some helpful tips to make your buying decision much easier.

How Much Shoe Storage Capacity Do You Need

Before you get your shoe cabinet, you first need to consider the shoe storage capacity needed. Look through your shoe collection and decide on the footwear you absolutely have to keep and the old ones you should be letting go of. Should you also have plans to add new shoes to your collection soon, do bring them into the drawing board as well.

Once you have a clearer idea on the minimum storage capacity required, you can then choose a suitable shoe cabinet.

For smaller flats with limited space, a smaller cabinet is a good choice as it doesn't take up too much space. Alternatively, if you have the luxury of a wider entry space, you will definitely want to consider some of the more prestigious shoe racks that allows for more storage space.

Height And Size Of Shoe

Due to the difference in height and size of the different types of shoes, you may want to consider different shoe cabinets to store each of them.

Sneakers and sports shoes can easily be stored into a smaller shoe rack but that may not be the case for your high heels shoes and boots, which are taller and hence require more head room.

Choosing a cabinet with adjustable shelves is also a good option as you can shift the shelves to make room for each of your groups of footwear.

Space Available To Place Your Shoe Rack

Similar to a bookshelf and its many functions, a shoe cabinet is another compact and versatile piece of cabinetry around the house. That said, it is still important to consider how much space your shoe rack needs.

This means finding the best spot to place your furniture and record down the various measurements i.e. length, width and height. These numbers will prove to be a useful reference as you are shopping for your shoe cabinet online.

To make it convenient to take out and keep shoes, many households prefer to place their shoe cabinets right next to the main door. However, due to the limited space available in most apartments in Singapore, some families choose to position their shoe rack outside, the corridor.

If that’s what you are planning to do, we recommend choosing a waterproof shoe cabinet to prevent damages especially given our higher tropical rainy weather.

Whichever your preference, we're excited to bring a wide range of shoe cabinet options for your home and family needs.

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