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A TV console is one of the key furniture in any living room. Not surprising as it often serves as a communal point for households in Singapore. It is where the family or friends will gather around to watch a movie or just to place your drinks for an evening of conversation. It is therefore important that your choice of cabinet strikes a balance between style and function.

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Almost every home today has at least one television making it an important part of our lives. Our TV cabinets thus promises some of the latest trends and modern designs that will steal the limelight in your living room.

Choosing The Best TV Console For Your Home Needs

It's no secret. Every room has a different design and configuration.

That means when it comes to designing and bringing in TV consoles for our customers, we need a wide range of cabinet selection to cater to these (often very specific) needs. But as home owners, it is even more critical that you're familiar with the steps to choosing a TV cabinet that don't just fit into your house, but actually helps to enhance the layout and interior design.

We've compiled some helpful tips you should take note of when choosing your TV console.

Never Underestimate Your TV Screen

Perhaps the first and most important distinction you absolutely have to know before getting a TV cabinet is...

TV screen sizes and TV cabinets are measured using two different methods!

While TV screen sizes are measured diagonally, often, most TV cabinets are measured across. It is therefore important to note that while taking the measurements for your TV, you need to measure the width of your TV as well and not just the screen size.

So, to give your TV a good base, make sure that the width of the TV cabinet that you choose is wider than the width of your TV. Alternatively, you might want to consider open top TV consoles which removes any obstacle for your screen.

The Various Types Of TV

The type of TV you have will also affect your needs and hence the type of TV stand to best suit your needs.

A LCD TV can usually be mounted on the wall and hence the only space you require is for your cable boxes and other electronics. As these TVs are lighter, you can choose a TV stand from a wider range of material.

A plasma TV, on the other hand, is generally heavier than a LCD TV and hence you should be choosing a TV cabinet that can withstand the additional weight. A hardwood or all solid wood TV cabinet becomes a great choice as they're usually sturdier and can last for a longer period of time.

Storage Space Needed For All Components

Not to be confused with the storing role of the coffee table, a TV console also does a wonderful job of keeping and "hiding" gadgets and other electronics around the house. In fact, since the TV console is generally further away from the sofa, you'll want it to serve as a storage for lesser used items.

Thus, the number and size of your cable boxes, stereo and entertainment systems should be considered when you are evaluating your many options.

For example, if you are planning to put your sound system on the TV cabinet, you will need a sturdier console that can withstand the weight of it. If you prefer a neater and more organized cabinet, try looking at one with closed doors or drawers that allows you to keep your cable boxes and remote controls.

The type of equipment you have should also be considered when making a decision. If your electronics use infrared to receive signal and your remote will need to “see” the electronic to work, it will make more sense to get a glass door which can allow the signal to pass through than having to open the cabinet door every time you want to watch the TV.

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